Monday, November 05, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Our ward Trunk or Treat was Friday night, the same night as the girls spending the night at their cousin Lacey's house for her birthday party.  She lives out in San Tan Valley.  It's a drive.  So they invited us to their Trunk or Treat on Saturday. 

Lacey, Lindsey, Tyler, Rusty, Jace, Aven, Allie and Haylee

I seriously could not get a good picture of Allie.
These are funny.

My Lovely Lindsey

She is a deadly vampire.

Allie and Aven both arrived as bumblebees.

My Most Handsome Knight in Shining Armor

Rusty and Batman

A.K.A. Jace
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today Allie and I got to watch this little guy. 
Weston Brent Thomas,
my nephew.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How We Spent the Day

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I have had a frame that needed pictures. 
These are what I used.
It reminded me that I am ready to take current pictures of these incredible kids.


I thought fish tails were french braids done the opposite way so it pops out.
Haylee has been asking me to do a fish tail.
I thought I was.
But I wasn't.
I recently got on Pinterest again for some ideas for my new calling as the Relief Soctiety Activity Planner/Coordinator
or whatever the official title is.
Then I saw this incredibly cute hair tutorial of an up-do that used a fish tail braid.
I got schooled.
Then I fish tailed.


Stake Activity Day

This last Saturday was the Stake Activity Day.
Haylee missed her second soccer game of the season to go.
We missed the first game to go the the Ward Camp Out.
I think they were both worth it. 

I came a little early to pick Haylee up.
I wanted to see what they were up to.
They were singing this sweet and simple song.
I can't remember the words.
I just remember it was so sweet and beatuiful, all their little voices.
I loved it.
I took a picture.
Haylee is on the left in the peach shirt.

This is one of the projects they did.

And this is a picture I found a few hours later in Kirkland Home.
It was the second time I have ever been in that store.
This is a picture of a dream of mine.
It nearly took my breath away as I came around a corner and saw it.
So I took a picture.
I love camera phones.

Haylee's Hair

I've been inspired.
I've been braiding.

I know, it's poking out.
We stuck a flower clip on it.
Just not for the pictures.
It was cute.

Haylee and I disagree
About what clothes to wear to school.
Today we didn't.
We were in agreement.

This is a random shot of one of their crabs that someone took.
It's a crab.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tickle War

This morning I didn't want to get up and be the mom.  I just wanted to lounge in bed and be lazy.  Which I did, briefly.  The kids joined me and we had a tickle war.  It was so nice!  We were all laughing so hard and in such a good mood, that when I said, "First one to be ready for school...." They were down the stairs before I could think of a way to end that sentence.  They were ready, they were happy and I didn't have to be sergeant mom.  It was a good morning.

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